Archive Series: 4×4 Mix

From May 2006 and the first in a series of mixes I’m uploading from the archive.

‘4×4’ refers to the 4/4 timing of the tracks – it’s a selection of house, deep house, techno, and electro-house, with a smattering of 303 acid towards the end. I wanted a vacation from the breakbeat-heavy style I was playing back then.

Oh yeah, and it finishes with that Jacko remix.

All vinyl as always!

The tracks…

  • Left To My Own Devices by Pet Shop Boys
  • Reign (Three AM’s Black Swan Vocal Mix) by UNKLE featuring Ian Brown
  • Dream On (Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix) by Depeche Mode
  • Watersnake (Dylan Rhymes Dark & Lonely Remix) by Paper Nation
  • Le Mobilier (Truxton Remix) by Rinôçérôse
  • Just For The Kick by Coldcut
  • Lazy (Radio Slave Remix) by X-Press 2
  • Furious Angels (Themroc Mix) by Rob Dougan
  • Smoke Machine (Trendroid Remix) by X-Press 2
  • Get Your Car! (Original Mix) by Sharam Jey
  • Electronic Battle Weapon 7 by The Chemical Brothers
  • Billie Jean (Bushwacka 2002 Remix) by Michael Jackson


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