HPY BDY HTH – Houndstooth’s 5th birthday

It’s Houndstooth’s 5th birthday!

Fabric’s artist label is one of my favourites (I’ve been snapping-up their output since day one) and I wanted to mark the occasion.

But how to capture the diverse, boundary-pushing sounds the label has put out over the last half decade?

An hour-long mix of the highlights didn’t seem to cut it, so after playing around with a few ideas I hit on the answer.

And here it is – an all-live mix that includes one track from each and every Houndstooth vinyl release. All 70 slabs of wax are represented here: a piece from every LP, 12″ and 7″.

All done live in one take on two Technics 1200s and a Numark M4 mixer. No digital, no effects, no loops. OK, there’s a few dropped beats, but it is over three hours long 🙂

Here’s to five more years!

The epic tracklist…

HTH026 18+ All The Time
HTH009 Second Storey Hebridean Mind Tours
HTH023 18+ Crow
HTH080 Call Super Arpo Sunk (B1)
HTH079 Call Super Korals
HTH005 Akkord Title Sequence
HTH006 Snow Ghosts Untangle Me
HTH027 Call Super Sulu Sekou (7″ Version)
HTH055 Guy Andrews Spirit Ritual
HTH049 Guy Andrews In Autumn Arms
HTH036 18+ Dry
HTH003 House Of Black Lanterns Broken
HTH034 Snow Ghosts The Fleet
HTH037 Marquis Hawkes Raw Materials
HTH054 Throwing Snow Glower
HTH077 Guy Andrews Fjell
HTH058 Marquis Hawkes Feel The Music
HTH062 Guy Andrews Without Names VIP
HTH032 Soft As Snow Glass Body (Factory Floor Gabe Gurnsey Remix)
HTH064 Marquis Hawkes Feat. Jocelyn Brown I’m So Glad (Hawkes Club Mix) (A)
HTH028 Marquis Hawkes Fifty Fathoms
HTH048 Marquis Hawkes Sweet
HTH072 18+ Drama (Babyfather Meditation Mix VIP) A side
HTH017 Throwing Snow Pathfinder
HTH018 Throwing Snow featuring Adda Kaleh The Tempest VIP
HTH022 Soft As Snow Glass Body
HTH025 Throwing Snow Avarice VIP
HTH039 Soft As Snow I Adore
HTH040 Akkord Gravure / Continuum (Regis Whip Hand Mix) (B)
HTH041 Call Super Migrant
HTH074 Throwing Snow Cantor’s Dust (Part 2) (A2)
HTH001 Call Super Threshing Floor
HTH020 Akkord Continuum (A2)
HTH045 Akkord II – Megalith
HTH066 Marquis Hawkes Feat. Jocelyn Brown I’m So Glad (Catz ‘N Dogs Remix)
HTH068 Call Super Puppet Scene
HTH004 Unsubscribe Inst. Spek Hondje
HTH014 Snow Ghosts Secret Garden (Matthew Herbert Wash It All Away Mix)
HTH024 Second Storey Shaman Champagne (Aden Remix)
HTH030 Akkord Typeface / Greyscale (Vatican Shadow’s The World Is Complete) (B)
HTH046 18+ OIXU (Tia Maria Produções Remix)
HTH083 Special Request Brainstorm (Gerd Janson & Shan House Mix)
HTH031 Second Storey Reserved
HTH015 Akkord 3dOS
HTH029 Call Super Hoax Eye (B1)
HTH047 Aïsha Devi Adera
HTH051 Shift Work Abandoned Hands
HTH013 Call Super Informer
HTH021 Call Super Depicta
HTH033 Second Storey One Sound (Luke Vibert Remix)
HTH061 Vester Koza OT_R~cord [4.10]
HTH081 Special Request Curtain Twitcher (Nosey Parker Mix)
HTH008 House Of Black Lanterns Shot You Down (Breakage Remix)
HTH016 Special Request Lockjaw (Akkord Remix) (A – SR top)
HTH043 Aïsha Devi Kim & The Wheel Of Life
HTH012 Special Request Undead
HTH078 Second Storey No Such Location
HTH056 Aïsha Devi Mazdâ (Mind:Body:Fitness Remix)
HTH059 18+ Gliders
HTH082 Second Storey Ajunlei 8 (The Exaltics Remix)
HTH010 Special Request Broken Dreams
HTH075 Akkord RCVR
HTH070 Snow Ghosts Vetiver
HTH063 Second Storey Grand Rapid
HTH011 Snow Ghosts And The World Was Gone (Calibre Remix)
HTH073 Special Request Replicant
HTH076 Special Request Light In The Darkest Hour
HTH050 Special Request Live From Alpha Centauri
HTH019 Throwing Snow Avarice
HTH002 House Of Black Lanterns Truth & Loss

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