Let’s Play Drums

let's play drums

Combining my two great musical passions – drumming and mixing vinyl.

The tracks all have beats, breaks and drums as their theme and cover the 1950s to the 2010s. Cool jazz, rock n’ roll, trip hop, soundtracks, tribal house, Madchester, and even a techno rework of an experimental classical piece all find their way into the mix.

Neela likes sitting on my drum stool so she had to be featured too 🙂

The tracks…

  • DJ Shadow “Strike 1”
  • UNKLE “Guns Blazing (Drums Of Death Part 1) (Instrumental)”
  • Dave Brubeck “Castilian Drums”
  • Sandy Nelson “Let There Be Drums”
  • Michael Viner “Let There Be Drums”
  • Hollywood Persuaders “Drums A-Go-Go (Edit)”
  • Unknown Artist “Let’s Play Drums”
  • Steve Reich “Drumming (Patrice Baumel Rework Edit)”
  • Pearson Sound “Power Drumsss”
  • Drum Club “Drums Are Dangerous”
  • Peace Division “Feel My Drums”
  • Homero “Lost In Drums”
  • Aetherius “Symphony Of Drums”
  • Stone Roses “She Bangs The Drums”

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