The Rise – Transmission: 1


Unidentified signals from up on the Downs.

00:00     Everyday Dust – The Carrion Call So Strange

04:20     Wovenhand – Untitled

07:08     Penelope Trappes – Nite Hive (Nik Colk Void Rework)

13:56     Pariah – Seed Bank

18:14     Throwing Snow – Tesseract

21:53     JG Biberkopf – Lake Symphony

24:13     The Heartwood Institute – You Cannot Win A Nuclear War

27:55     Spooky – Can’t Remember

32:15     Deadly Avenger – Videodrome

34:24     Josh Freda – Street Trash

37:30     Pulselovers – AEthelbald & The Golden Dragon

40:22     Carl Turney & Brian Campbell – Punkie Night

44:56     DJ Food – Sentinel (Lunar Defence)

50:22     The Home Current – Unknown Sameness

54:25     Dean McPhee – The Robin

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