Digiwhipped 4 – The Final Insult

Digiwhipped 4 – The Final Insult

The last instalment of this madness….for now….


The Beatles vs LCD Soundsystem vs The Kinks – The Brits Are playing At My House
Calvin Harris vs Radiohead – I’m Not A Creep
Lady Gaga vs Judas Priest – I’m In Love With Judas Priest
Duffy vs Doobie Brothers – Duffy Train Running
Utah Saints vs Tomcraft – Believe In Happiness
The Beatles vs Datarock – Fafafa My car
Metallica vs Britney Spears – Enter Toxman
The Doors vs The Cult – Sanctuary’s Over
The Beatles vs Metallica vs The Ting Tings – Enter Day Tripper
The Police vs The Klaxons – It’s Not A Message In A Bottle Yet
The Killers vs Michael Sembello – Somebody Told Me She’s A Maniac
Offspring vs Glenn Frey vs Harold Faltermeyer – Heat ‘Em Separated
Rage Against The machine vs Electric Six – Killing In A Gay Bar
Unk vs Avril Lavigne vs Toni Basil – Walkin’ Out Yo Girlfriend
The Prodigy vs The Beastie Boys – Voodoo Sabotage


Parts 1-3 still available here http://www.mixcloud.com/carlschalck/

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