Under The Radar

Tracks that didn’t get the love they deserved first time round. Except for ‘Age Of Love’, but I couldn’t resist…

But first is Mark Pritchard (in his Link guise) with 1992’s slow-building ‘Amenity’, before Jam & Spoon’s ‘Watch Out For Stella’ version of that trance classic gets an airing, followed by the dark driving tech-trance of Matthew Dekay’s ‘F*cking Friday’ (the B-side of 2003’s ‘Beautiful Monday’).

Moody 4am grooves from Allen & Healey next, ‘100 Drums’ of mid-90s prog-trance from Stash, and then a return to ’92 for some stomping Dutch techno from Nu-Tro-Gen – ‘Rollin’ Reptiles’.

DJ Edge starts the 303 acid bubbling with ‘95’s ‘Sex’, it continues with DJ Pierre’s soon-to-be-classic “The Drive” from the brand new I Love Acid 12” (ILA010), before the Chemicals do their usual trick and blow the roof off with Mix 2 of ‘Under The Influence’ (original found on 1999’s “Surrender).

Two huge early 2000s pieces to finish – the progressive house of Microtek’s “Mean Machine” followed by the progressive trance of ‘Cubism’ by Mezz.

As always, your listens, shares and feedback are much appreciated – hope you enjoy the music.

The tracks in full…

00:00 Link Amenity (1992)

05:00 The Age Of Love The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Club Mix) (1992)

10:50 Matthew Dekay F*cking Friday (2003)

17:20 Allen & Healey Drug Music (2002)

23:35 Stash 100 Drums (D-code Remix) (1995)

29.10 Nu-Tro-Gen Rollin’ Reptiles (1992)

33:33 DJ Edge Sex (1995)

38:30 DJ Pierre The Drive (2016)

43:10 The Chemical Brothers Under The Influence (Mix 2) (1999)

47:17 Microtek Mean Machine (Original Mix) (2002)

53:03 Mezz Cubism (Original Mix) (2001)

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