Archive Series: Roll The Drums (2003)

Another one from the Kosmik days, rescued from an old C90.

An hour-and-a-half of rolling breaks and basslines, all mixed live on vinyl – business as usual.

The tracks…

  • 00:00 Ian Brown FEAR (UNKLE Mix)
  • 05:12 Howie B Hey Jack (UNKLE Metamorphosis Mix)
  • 11:11 EK Valium
  • 15:35 Apex The Bass Design
  • 20:44 Evil 9 Cakehole
  • 26:32 Megatron Steelfinger
  • 31:09 Atmosfera 0 Ciboga Labreko
  • 36:55 BLIM & Carter Itsaremix
  • 43:50 Roni Size Papa’s Got A Brand New Brown Paper Bag
  • 48:05 Disco Assassins Hook You Up
  • 52:36 Unknown artist Tainted Dre
  • 58:08 Shimano Roll The Drums
  • 62:53 Freq Nasty One More Time
  • 70:34 DJ Shadow Six Days (Bad Company vs Fresh)
  • 76:28 Queens Of The Stone Age No One Know (Unkle Reconstruction (Vocal Edit))

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