Archive Series: kosmikonline.mix (July 2004)

This one was recorded for Kosmikonline, the internet home of the late lamented Kosmik nights at the Volks on Brighton beach.

It’s my half of the records we were rolling out back in July 2004 when yours truly and Needlebeard (AKA nigeandcarlos) were the breakiest bassiest back2back residents in town.

All vinyl as always…

The tracks…

  • 00.00 Regan & Carter “Where’s The Money?”
  • 00:28 Herbie Flowers & Barry Morgan “Movement 1”
  • 01:33 DJ Shadow “Devil’s Advocate (Heaven v Hell)”
  • 05:24 The Clash “Mustapha Dance”
  • 09:05 Hybrid “Higher Than A Skyscraper (FreQ Nasty Remix)”
  • 14:30 Elite Force “Sk8r”
  • 20:48 Fatboy Slim “Give The Po’ Man A Break”
  • 25:45 Bomb The Bass “On The Cut”
  • 29:00 Freeland, Wink & Middleton “Rise Above”
  • 33:58 Elite Force “Driving Me Crazy (Rennie Pilgrem & Elite Force Remix)”
  • 40:18 EK “True Definition”
  • 45:38 Plump DJs “Creepshow (Soul Of Man Remix)”
  • 49:58 JDS “Purple Funky Monkey”
  • 55:07 DJ Misjah & DJ Tim “Access”

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